Register as a business

Thank you for registering your business to be part of the Welcome CV initiative. As you complete your application, we ask that you consider that there are two welcome options.

  1. Welcome Home Newborn Babies, and/or,
  2. Welcome To The Valley New Residents & Families.

We ask that you think about how your business will add value to those who are receiving these packages. Some ideas could include, information on your products or services, gift certificates, samples, or coupons, etc.  These items will make up a Welcome Package which includes a community guide, attractions, calendar of events, volunteer opportunities and more.  If it is only information that you are able to provide, that is still most welcomed however we will look at getting a directory created for this purpose as we want to avoid creating excess paper or things that may end up in the landfill.

Thank you again for wanting to support these valuable initiatives. We will be in touch with you shortly to confirm your details and determine how to receive your contributions.

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